Booking Your Holiday Party at the Tysons Biergarten

The Holiday Season is right around the corner and Tysons’ Biergarten is the perfect setting for your holiday party!  We will help you to organize a party that everyone in the office will be buzzing about for months if not years to come. With a great food and drink menu, along with both indoor and outdoor options, private and non-private options the Tysons’ Biergarten team can accommodate parties both large and small.

We highly recommend that you set up an appointment with our catering director by emailing him at  to discuss logistics and set up a tour of Tysons’ Biergarten? Meanwhile below lists a quick summary of how events work here along with a few attachments.

1.) Option One – Private party
-You can rent out our large area for a private party
-We do not charge anything extra to rent out a space for a Private party. The only requirement is the group must order food and/or drinks to equal the minimum amount listed below.
– Mezzanine = $600 minimum
– Basement = $3,000 minimum
– Outside heated tent = $4,000 minimum

2.) Option Two – Catered party in public area.
-There is no minimum to have your special event
-Choose what you’d like to order from our delicious “A La Carte” or our “All you can eat buffet” menu and we’ll have it ready for you
-Let us know where you would like to be seated
-Note: This option will not give you a private space. You will be in an area also opened to the rest of our customers. We will reserve a bunch of tables for you (based on the size of your party) and section off the space for you

Click on the below links for more details on the various options we have available for you:
1) More details on how to book a private party here: Click here
2) More details on how to book a party in our public area: Click here
3) Our “A La Carte” and our “All you can eat buffet” menu
4) How we can set you up with drinks: Click here

You can find pictures of our venue: Click Here

If you are interested in hosting a party with us send us an email at We look forward to helping you create the best package that suites your events needs.

Thank you and Prost (cheers)!