Monday’s at TBG: $2 Lionshead Pilsner

Make Mondays fun again! Come into Tysons Biergarten every Monday for $2 Lionshead Pilsner!
What a great way to start off your week here at your favorite Biergarten.

Over 100 years old and going strong, The Lion Brewery has survived Prohibition and industry consolidation to find its niche making a range of alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages. The Brewery’s own beers continue to be the local favorites in the hometown market located in Pennsylvania.
The Lionshead family of beers is brewed using their state of the art brew kettle and their century old brewhouse. This deluxe American Pilsner is brewed with premium American malt, and a perfect touch of American grown hops. It is made with the finest American two-row and six-row barley and corn. The Pilsner contains 4.50% APV. Lionshead has a crisp, dry mouth feel with a subtle touch of sweet overtones.