Cider, Sangria, & Craft Brew Festival

Join us Saturday, August 12th for our Cider, Sangria, & Craft Brew Festival! Come on over to the Tysons Biergarten for your first taste of Fall with 50+ local breweries’ delicious ciders and craft brews as well as some sweet Summertime sangrias from local wineries!!

➳Online: $20 Ticket includes 10 tasting tickets, ability to purchase $1 tasting tickets & color changing souvenir cup

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➳At the Door: $30 ticket includes 10 tasting tickets, ability to purchase $1 tasting tickets & color changing souviner cup

★Live Music
★Great food
★Competition and Contests
★Dog Friendly (ask for treats or a water bowl)
★Kid Friendly (playground available )
★Yard Games
★Bratwursts, Pretzels, Wings, Special of the Day
★Swag give aways

From Ace Premium Craft Cider:
Ace Perry – ABV 5%. First released in 1996, ACE Perry is the first Perry cider to ever be made in California. This thirst quenching cider is refreshing and light. Semi-sweet with a dry finish, Madascagar vanilla is the unique ingredient here.
Ace Joker – ABV 6.9% First launched in 2008, the Joker has rapidly become Ace’s second top seller. This cider is great for mixed drinks such as mimosa’s or chilled on its own. It’s the most award-winning of Ace’s ciders.

From Wyndridge Farm:
Dark Rye Barrel Cider- ABV 7.5% A winter warmer fermented on late harvest apples with rye whiskey oak and caramelized sugars. A nice compliment to a dark winter night.
Crafty Cranberry – ABV 5.5% Crafty Cranberry Cider is a more sophisticated beverage – crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider. Crafty Cranberry Cider leaves out excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners that some other ciders add. Crafty Cranberry is made with local Pennsylvania pressed apples, yeast and real cranberry juice. The result is a fresh, clean, cranberry-hard cider.
Crafty Cider – ABV 5.5% Crafty Cider is first cider made at Wyndridge Farm. It’s a more sophisticated beverage – crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider. Crafty Cider leaves out excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners that some other ciders add. We believe in keeping it symple, by using locally pressed apples and yeast. The result is a fresh, clean tasting hard cider.
Dry Hopped Cider – ABV 5.5% Generally dry, full-bodied, austere.
Dry Hopped Apricot – ABV 5.5% Wyndridge Farm Brewing’s Crafty Apricot Cider is a cold fermented Champagne style cider made with a perfect blend of crisp locally pressed apples, yeast and fresh apricot puree. No excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners added. The result is a fresh, clean, off-dry, apricot-apple hard cider.
Pear Cider – ABV 6.5% Fermented with 100% pears all grown in PA, this cider is our harbinger of spring. Having been fermented and aged for the last 6 months on our farm, this cider has a fine complexity from the several varietals of Asian, Bartlett and Bosc pears used. Lightly sweetened with fresh pear juice, this cider is a fine one to kick back with and watch the sun’s return.

From Jack’s Hard Cider
Peach – ABV 5% Jack’s Peach Cider is light with fresh peach aromas and refreshing fresh fruit flavors. This blend of freshly pressed Adams County applesand peaches is quickly becoming a favorite.
Pear – ABV 5.5% This blend of hard cider and freshly pressed local pears has an acidic body with a smooth pear finish. Like all our ciders, Jack’s Hard cider is made from fresh pressed apples we grow without any added colors, flavors or sugars.
Original – ABV 5.5% Dry, crisp and refreshing; like biting into the perfect apple. Food pairings: Blackened Fish, Citrus Salad, BBQ, Spicy Salsa, Pumpkin Pie.
Helen’s Blend – ABV 4.5% Fruit forward with a balance of natural acids and sugars creating a smooth finish. Food pairings: Roasted Poultry, Sharp Cheese, Wheat, Berry Salad, Pork & Sauerkraut, Cherry Pie.

From McKenzie Brew House:
McKenzie’s Black Cherry – ABV 5% The juice reserved for the darkest of hearts, McKenzie’s Black Cherry is an inspiration to hard cider – rich amber, full body with a refreshingly sweet cherry finish.

From Angry Orchard:
Easy Apple – ABV 4.2% Angry Orchard Easy Apple is a refreshing and easy-to-drink hard cider. It is unfiltered with an apple-forward taste, slightly hazy appearance and a refreshingly dry finish. It never weighs you down, making it the perfect drink choice for those long, relaxing days.

From Charm City Meadworks:
Original Dry – ABV 12% Crisp, dry, and refreshing, this modern mead is best served lightly chilled. Pair our traditional honey wine with sautéed vegetables, seared tuna, grilled chicken, or a fresh fruit cobbler. Cheers!

From Mahou:
Cinco Estrellas- ABV 5.5% This refreshing pale ale pours gold and has been a Mahou standard since 1969. If you like hoppy beers with hints of grain and corn, this is the ale for you! A beer for beer lovers.
Alhambra Reserva Roja- ABV 7.2% IBU: 19. If you’re into taking your time to fully appreciate the taste of a beer, this doppelbock might be up your alley. Amber in color, this beer is nuance-filled with a silky taste and hints of caramel, fruit, and grain.

From Two Roads Brewing Company:
Road Jam- ABV 5.0% A wheat ale fermented with real red and black raspberries and accented with fresh lemongrass. It has a stunning red color and mouth-watering berry aroma. Fruity and refreshingly dry.
Lil Heaven- ABV 4.8% A session IPA in a can. Made with four exotic hops – Azacca, Calypso, Mosaic and Equinox. Taste is of tropical fruits, specifically passion fruit, grapefruit and apricots. Finishes with just enough toasted malt character to balance.
Honeyspot Rd IPA- ABV 6.0% The Two Roads interpretation of this emerging beer style naturally takes a road less traveled. Unlike other versions, ours employs an American ale yeast and no spices. The result is a soft wheat backdrop that accentuates the Pacific Northwest hop character.

Seamus Red Ale- ABV 5.6% IBU: 22. This new Irish-style red ale, brewed in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, is made with British pale and crystal malts and hopped with Centennial (bittering) and East Kent Golding (aroma). Seamus Red is nicely balanced, smooth drinking and has a delightful hop finish.
Pike Land Pilsner- ABV 4.9% IBU: 44. Gold Medal, GABF 2000, 2007; Bronze Medal, GABF 2003. A Northern German style Pilsner brewed with imported German Pils malt and hopped with German and Czech hops. Light in body, light straw in color and dry. Brewed with imported German Pils malt and hopped with German and Czech hops.

From Apocalypse Ale Works:
Raspberry Cenful Blonde- ABV 5.0% IBU:16. A smooth Belgian Blonde Ale with aromas of honey, banana, and citrus. Dry hopped with American Citra Hops for a unique blend of Cenful proportions
Grapefruit Hopocalypse- ABV 7.8% IBU:110. Grapes are for wine. If you love wine then don’t even think about drinking this beer! Are you a hop head that loves Citra Hops or a malt love for hearty ales? This international award winning Hoppocalypse is that, but this has grapefruit too! Now dare to enjoy the best of all three worlds. Hops, maltiness, and grapefruit! A spring/summer offering for you thirsty beer lovers only.
Hell Yeaah Sportsman’s Pilsner- ABV 5.0% IBU: 16. This clean, crisp lager is low on bitterness and just an easy drinking beer. Perfect for enjoying after a good day of hunting, on the beach, at the tailgate or just damn thirsty. If you can relate just way hell yeaah!

From Great Lakes Brewing Company:
Great Lakes Turn Table Pils- ABV 5.4% IBU: 35. Flip that record and wax nostalgic about Ohio’s deep-cut music legacy with this refreshing pilsner. Consider this a reissue of a classic style. The A-side? Earthy, fresh hop aromas. The B-side? A smooth, balanced malt groove. We think this one will go gold.
Great Lakes Steady Rollin Session IPA- ABV 4.8% IBU: 50. Steady Rollin’s tropical fruit flavors, balance, and light body make it a perfect companion for cutting a new trail or rowing to a secluded bank with friends to kick back and watch the afternoon fade away. Steady Rollin’ is brewed for those days when you can only guess what time it is based on where the sun sits in the sky.

From Solace Brewing Company:
Solace 2 Legit 2 Wit- ABV 5.7% Dulles-based Solace Brewery’s take on a traditional Belgian wit. Brewed with Lemondrop hops to accentuate the lemony characteristics of the yeast.
Solace Beach Bod Watermelon Ale- ABV 5.7% A great beer for drinking outside in the summer. A Belgian wit infused with watermelon — how could you resist?

From Avery Brewing Company:
Avery El Gose- ABV 4.5% A timeless, traditional tart gose (goes-uh) with its zesty and salty disposition is brightened by a tangy citrus twist. A bier for every día!
Avery White Rascal- ABV 5.6% IBU: 10. An authentic Belgian style white ale, this Rascal is unfiltered and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel producing a refreshingly zesty classic ale.

From Mustang Sally Brewing Company:
Mustang Sally Article 1 Amber Ale- ABV 4.5% IBU: 15. Named for George Mason, this is a traditional Vienna-Style lager with malty and toasted notes.
Mustang Sally Dortmunder Lager- ABV 5.5% IBU: 15. A smooth classic German lager with a bready character that gives way to a combination of malt sweetness and palate clearing noble hop bitterness.

From Victory Beer:
Victory Prima Pils- ABV 5.3% Heaps o’ hops are hiding under the full, frothy head of this elegant Pils. All German malt subtleties linger beneath a long dry finish of this classy quencher. One of Michael Jackson’s 500 Classic Brews
Victory Golden Monkey Triple- ABV 9.5% Enchanting and enlightening, this golden, frothy ale boasts an intriguing herbal aroma, warming alcohol esters on the tongue and light, but firm body to finish. Exotic spices add subtle notes to both the aroma and flavor. Strong, sensual and satisfying. One of the best American triples in the country.

From Evolution Craft Brewing Company:
Evolution PineHople Pineapple IPA- ABV 6.8% IBU: 65. Atropical take on Evolution’s classic American IPA, Lot No.3. Brewed with loads of pineapple juice and aggressively hopped to contribute big tropical and citrus notes. Pairs well with Indian, Cajun, Thai, Jerk, Caribbean, cheeseburgers, sliders, pizza and pretty much anything off the grill.
Evolution DelMarva Pils- ABV 4.8% IBU: 30. A supremely sessionable Eastern Shore take on a Czech-style pilsner. Golden in color with floral and citrus zest hop characteristics from German Saphir and Opal hops. Crisp with delicate malt flavors and a dry finish. Making any Eastern Shore adventure ever-better!

From Bell’s Brewery:
Bells Two Hearted- ABV 7.0% Brewed with 100% Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest and named after the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this IPA is bursting with hop aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit from massive hop additions in both the kettle and the fermenter. Perfectly balanced with a malt backbone and combined with the signature fruity aromas of Bell’s house yeast, this beer is remarkably drinkable and well suited for adventures everywhere.

From Anderson Valley Brewing Company:
Anderson Valley Summer Solstice- ABV 5% IBU: 6. This is a slightly sweet, malty session beer with a creamy mouth feel and clean finish. With hints of caramel in the nose and a touch of spice, it’s become affectionately known as “cream soda for adults”. The unique flavors and superior drinkability make for the ultimate refreshment on a hot summer day.

From Rough Draft Brewing Co.:
Rough Draft Southern Triangle IPA- ABV 6.5% IBU: 65. A combination of hops all from the Southern Hemisphere: Nelson Sauvin, Moteuka, and Galaxy. Citrusy, tropical, and amber, this beer is refreshing and drinkable.

From 21st Amendment Brewery:
21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA- ABV 7.0% IBU: 70. BREW FREE! OR DIE IPA is brewed with some serious west coast attitude. This aromatic golden IPA starts with three different hops to the nose, quickly balanced by a solid malt backbone supporting the firm bitterness. Our top selling beer at the pub, this IPA starts big and finishes clean leaving you wanting more.

From Dogfish Head:
Dogfish Flesh and Blood IPA- ABV 7.5% IBU: 45. Brewed with mouth-puckering lemon flesh, sweet orange peel and blood orange juice, Flesh & Blood balances the resinous hoppy characteristics of an American IPA with the explosive zesty fruitiness and subtle drying tartness of citrus to deliver a highly quaffable ale that’s incredibly unique and lovely to down the whole year round.

From Fatti:
Urtyphell- ABV 4.7% This straw-blond lager is the beer that typifies greatness of German, particularly Bavarian, beer-making. It is the “Bavarian” beer. This hop to malt balanced beer pairs well with fish, seafood, and chicken. It’s lightly bottom-fermented. The golden hue and honey aroma combined with its slightly citrusy taste, makes this a perfect year round beer.
Rittertrunk Amber Dunkel- ABV 5.5% This great tasting amber has a strong malt flavor. The flavor blends perfectly with the caramel aroma and roast taste with a tiny chocolate hint. Don’t let the clear, polished-brown color fool you, as this beer is soft with a very smooth taste. This beer goes well with red meats, desserts, and fruits.

From Hoop Tea:
Hoop Tea- ABV 4%. Ever wish your tea was something more? Well, you’re in luck! Hard tea will be available from Hoop Tea. Easy and delicious, all you need is ice to pour it over! Hoop Tea is more than just a handmade alcoholic beverage. It is summer in a jar. Sunlight, held together by water and tea leaves.​